Our Core Markets

With our team of highly qualified battery experts, we work closely with our customers to ensure the most high-quality and innovative battery solution they need.

Our battery capabilities and SUPERIOR QUALITY IS WHAT PUTS HARRIS BATTERY APART FROM THE REST. By partnering with our customers we are able to provide much needed support to our customers whenever it is needed.

To ensure you are provided with the best battery for your needs, our TEAM OF EXPERTS PROVIDE YOU WITH THE INFORMATION AND THE SUPPORT that will help you find whatever product will fit your exact needs. We make sure to be THERE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY to answer questions in regards to battery expertise, outsourcing and distribution to equipment manufacturing.

Not only that, if you are in need of a LOW COST MANUFACTURER OF CUSTOMER DESIGNED BATTERY SOLUTIONS. Harris Battery has over 40 years of battery expertise which is why our team of experts are perfect when it comes to creating customer designed OEM Battery Powered Solutions that  able fit specific variables. Our team can help you throughout the design & engineering, testing & UL listing compliance, large-scale assembly, nationwide distribution, and new technologies such as AGM & lithium.


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Choose a batter that is low maintenance and consists of durable options for tough applications. Harris Battery deliver state-of-the-art stored power solutions for the most demanding requirements of today’s vehicles.

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Eliminate under and over charged batteries and choose a flexible and multi-benefit configuration to maximize productivity and ROI. Harris Battery has been solving deep-cycle challenges for 40 years which is why they are the go-to-company for all your battery power solutions.

Renewable energy generation

Renewable Energy

When it comes to energy storage for residential and commercial installations, Harris is your go to battery company. Compatible with most industry standard inverters and chargers, Harris RELi products offer the proven technology to make your investment a success. 

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Need a maintenance free battery option that complies with environmentally sensitive areas and up to twice the life of a standard  battery? Harris Battery understands the importance of having a reliable power source on the road and provide durable power options for your toughest applications.

Solar panel connected to battery for back up.

Stationary Backup

The disruption of power for mission critical applications is avoidable and expensive. Avoid the regret of not being prepared for home and business power outages. Harris Battery’s backup power turnkey solutions offer industry leading value with our in-house engineering support to customize your critical and non-critical system design.

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Lawn & Garden

Harris Battery has been providing our Lawn Mower, Tractor and Utility battery distributors with stored power solutions for over 40 years. Harris Battery offers a wide array of batteries engineered to survive the difficult climates and terrain your equipment faces.


Harris Battery Company, Inc. also provides battery power solutions for the commercial, transportation, industrial and renewable energy sectors across America. If it starts with a battery, runs on battery or is battery backed-up, Harris Battery has the answer.