Harris Battery partners with global industry leading battery manufacturers to offer a complete line of Deep Cycle Flooded Lead Acid batteries. Deep Cycle FLA batteries are designed for deeper discharge than starting batteries (50-80%) and used in applications that require more draw from the battery, such as golf carts, floor scrubbers, aerial work platforms and scissor lifts.

Made in America – US Battery’s line-up of Deep Cycle Batteries utilize an exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology® allowing US Batteries to reach peak capacity in fewer cycles, provide higher total energy delivery, and achieve an extended battery life.

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Part # US305XC
Volts 6
BCI Group Size 902
Cold Cranking Amps @ 0°F -18°C -
Reserve Capacity @ 25 Amps 715
Kilowatt Hour Capacity -


inches millimeters
Length 11.88 301.75
Width 7.12 180.85
Height 14.6 370.84
lbs kg
Weight 9.00 4.08