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U.S. Battery Manufacturing is an industry leader in manufacturing deep cycle batteries for the Aerial Work Platform, Floor Machine, Golf Cart, Marine, Materials Handling, Recreational Vehicle and Renewable Energy industries that Harris Battery supplies. U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company manufactures flooded, deep cycle, and AGM, battery technologies, and have been building flooded lead acid batteries since 1928. Their American made batteries are among the highest quality, longest lasting Energy Storage batteries manufactured. 

Harris Battery is a Master Distributor for U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company and together provide you with the highest rated batteries available. With the addition of US Battery XC2™ Diamond Plate Technology© their batteries last longer and outperform the competition, saving both time and money. Harris Battery offers you both U.S. Battery flooded (wet) and AGM (sealed) deep cycle batteries for your one-stop-shop for premium lead acid batteries. The U.S. Battery new line of AGM maintenance-free batteries offer ease and convenience, minimal gassing and no leak applications.

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