Markets Served

Supplying the Critical Power, Industrial Battery Powered Equipment, Renewable Energy and Transportation Battery Markets.

Harris Battery brings over 35 years of business experience to our customers. We provide our customers across various industries with Battery and Battery related product and service solutions that ensure performance and reliability for infrastructure and equipment.

The market applications for the products we supply are vast. From the Critical Power Battery Configurations that back-up the Switch Gear at the regional utility substation, to the home backup Renewable Energy battery bank to keep your lights on. From the batteries to supply OEM Manufacturing, to the Aftermarket battery and charger replacements for rental and commercial fleets. From the alarm and security backup batteries, to the recycling of expired Lead Acid Batteries from your facility, and all the DC Management Solutions in between.

To learn more about our Product Applications, select a category below or link directly to your specific Application:

Critical Power Applications
Mission Critical Backup Power for the Utility, Industrial, Telecom and Rail Industries.
Industrial Battery Applications
Motive Power batteries, chargers and accessories for Industrial Applications.
Renewable Energy Battery ApplicationsRenewable Energy Battery technologies for grid-connected, off-grid and remote solar and wind energy power configurations.