Achieve 99.999% Uptime with your UPS Batteries from Harris Battery.

Harris Battery supplies network batteries nation-wide that provide energy storage solutions for critical systems that require uninterrupted power supply. Your UPS systems are important and reliable UPS batteries are key. UPS systems are used in traffic control, broadcasting stations, information systems, process control, scientific and medical sites, security installations, telecommunications, electrical power plant systems, oil and gas monitoring and military equipment.

Maintain the integrity of your power system, enhance worker safety and validate equipment warranty with the right choice of UPS battery. Harris Battery carries a wide range of UPS batteries that provide the choice you need to fit your application:

  • Economical high watt-hour per dollar value inherent with sealed lead-acid batteries.
  • Easy handling with special handling precautions or shipping containers, due to leak-proof construction. 
  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A. and F.A.A. certified. UL recognized
  • Long Service life and high-rate discharge characteristics that ensure reliable performance in UPS applications for up to 10 years in standby applications.

A UPS differs from an emergency power system in that it will provide instantaneous protection from input power interruptions. Contact one of our battery experts to ensure that you have the right UPS battery for maximum protection.