Recreational Vehicle

Starting and Deep Cycle Batteries, Chargers and Charge Maintainers for Recreational Vehicles

Harris Battery supplies the world leading manufacturers of luxury coaches, motorhomes, trailers and recreational vehicles. Our experience partnering with these manufacturers for 35 years, has made us the proven leader in original equipment supply of innovative starting and house bank power solutions for:

  • serious recreational power supply for starting your Class A, Class B or Class C Recreational Vehicle
  • power banks and multiple maintenance-free and deep cycle options for house loads in engine-off mode
  • battery charging and charge maintenance for operations and storage

When it comes to your RV, it is important to have a battery solution that can not only power you on the road, but also when you need to power your non-engine systems. Whether you are cooking a meal, heating your RV or ensuring that your water pump system is working efficiently, the right RV battery solution can mean the difference between a smooth trip or unwanted travel headaches.

At Harris Battery, we focus on high quality battery and maintenance solutions. We stay up to date with industry trends and new technologies and can help you find the right battery to meet your RV energy needs. Harris Battery is a member of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association. Our warehouses are located throughout the United States, which means we can often work quickly to expedite delivery. Learn more about how to maximize the performance for your RV batteries, or contact one of our experts for your next RV power system.