Pallet Jack

Industrial Motive Power, TRACTION PACKs™, Pallet Jack Batteries and Chargers.

Harris Battery offers a complete line of industrial batteries and chargers for use in Materials Handling Equipment including Industrial Lift Truck, Forklifts, and Pallet Jacks. For more than 35 years, Harris Battery has been providing materials handling customers across the country with reliable and durable power solutions. The TRACTION PACK™ for Electric Pallet Jacks is the optimal Harris Engineered Solution for Pallet Jack Equipment, developed to improve your pallet jack performance while reducing your operating costs.

The TRACTION PACK™ can increase your operational productivity while significantly reducing your battery maintenance costs. This optimal maintenance-free battery solution for Walkies and Electric Pallet Jack Equipment, is designed to eliminate unproductive down-time for your Pallet Jack by providing the optimal maintenance-free battery and intelligent charging technology in a simple to use replacement pack:

  • Built with Traction Batteries to withstand deeper discharge than standard flooded battery technology and provide more capacity than standard AGM technology.
  • Provides an opportunity charging advantage with built in charger to ensure your equipment is always fully charged and ready to work.
  • Easy installation and operation with convenient opportunity charging capability at any standard 110 volt power outlet.

Exclusively available from Harris Battery, The TRACTION PACK is available is multiple configurations to customize your industrial motive power solution.