Materials Handling

Batteries, Chargers and Accessories for Materials Handling Equipment.

At Harris Battery, more than 35 years of success is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to providing materials handling customers across the country with reliable and durable power solutions. Click here to see the TRACTION PACK™ Harris Engineered Solution for Pallet Jacks.

Harris Battery offers maintenance-free and traditional flooded battery technologies for materials handling equipment used in aviation and aerospace, commercial and retail, warehousing and distribution. We carry a wide array of stored power solutions for telehandlers, aerial work platforms, electric pallet jacks, forklifts, scissor lifts, stock pickers and other high-performing industrial equipment, all of which demand proven battery power products to keep operations working.

Our goal is to provide materials handling facilities and manufacturers with the battery solution that provides:

  • The greatest return on your investment with proven durability, reliability and uninterrupted service.
  • Emissions-free operation and sensitive environmental conditions compliance with sealed maintenance-free battery options.
  • The highest productivity of your equipment with the lowest cost to own for best in class asset management.

Contact our product specialists to ensure that your materials handling equipment has the right battery technology for its environment, and proper maintenance protocol in place to maximize your equipment's productivity.