Batteries, Chargers and Accessories for Marine Applications.

Harris Battery carries the leading battery technologies that provide customers with proven, reliable power and peace of mind on the water.

An important decision for any boat owner is determining which type of battery is best-suited for their marine application. Harris Battery has the expertise and products to ensure the maximum performance and life are met for your marine batteries.

  • Starting batteries to power the electrical loads when no charge source (shore power charger, engine alternator, wind generator or solar panel) is available. 
  • Deep Cycle batteries for deep cycle house bank functions and storage from on-board solar or wind charging systems.
  • Dual Purpose marine batteries that tolerate deep discharges that would ruin a typical starting battery for single bank sailboats, runabouts or other small powerboats using a single battery for starting and running loads with the engine turned off

Not only can we help you with your marine battery needs on the water, we can also help solve your battery storage and maintenance requirements during the off-season. Harris Battery has long since set the standard for high performing stored power solutions for boats and watercraft. Contact one of our battery experts for the right product solutions for you marine battery program.