Farm and Lawn Equipment

Lawn Mower, Tractor and Utility Batteries and Accessories

Harris Battery has been providing our Lawn Mower, Tractor and Utility Battery distributors with stored power solutions and battery related accessories for more than 35 years. We offer a wide array of batteries, battery chargers and charge maintenance accessories engineered to survive the difficult climates and terrain your equipment faces.

We work with and supply battery distributors and repair facilities with:

  • Consistence starting power and reserve capacity for all seasons
  • Vibration resistant batteries designed to handle excessive off-road use

The most common cause of battery failure of off-road equipment is excessive vibration. It can cause active materials to detach from the plates, resulting in low charges, internal breakage, and/or cracked cases. Ensuring you have the right battery for your garden tractor, light utility vehicle, snow removal equipment application will provide the life and durability you need.

Harris Battery’s dedicated team of experts can assist you in finding the right stored power solutions for your Lawn Mower, Tractor and Utility battery distribution needs.