Commercial Equipment

Commercial Equipment Batteries, Chargers and Accessories

Harris Battery identifies commercial equipment stored power challenges for creature comforts, and provides long-term solutions for starting power. Our expertise has been the driving force behind Harris Battery’s commercial equipment power solutions for more than 35 years. Our experience working with both large over-the-road and local trucking fleets, as well as operating our own fleet, gives us a first-hand understanding of the stored power challenges that our customers experience. We provide a full line of fleet battery power management products including commercial starting batteries, fleet battery charging solutions and customized commerical truck solutions including our Heavy Duty Lift Gate Solar Charging Solution.

  • We understand the importance of having a reliable power source on the road, and provide durable power options for your toughest applications
  • We provide cutting edge stored power solutions to large fleet and commercial equipment customers by partnering with some of the world’s leading battery manufacturers
  • Utilizing our hands-on approach to identify and test reliable batteries for commercial use has helped to distinguish Harris Battery as a leading expert in the commercial battery industry

Fleet owners, truck dealers and trucking companies nationwide rely on Harris Battery to provide them with reliable, powerful, heavy-duty commercial batteries. Harris Battery is also a member of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association. Call one of our stored power experts to answer your questions regarding APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), refrigerated units (reefer units), lift gates and extreme starting applications.