Batteries, Chargers and Accessories for Automotive Battery Distribution Partners.

Harris Battery has been a leading provider of stored power solutions to the automotive aftermarket for more than 35 years. Our broad range of products and our highly trained and experienced staff makes Harris Battery your best distribution partner. We supply high-performance batteries for leading auto manufacturers, national retail chains, auto repair shops, and auto parts stores across the country.

Harris Battery partners with both battery manufacturers and end users to stay on the cutting-edge of automotive battery technologies. Our partnerships grant us the unique ability to:

  • customize solutions that provide superior performance for our customers
  • deliver state-of-the-art stored power solutions for the most demanding requirements of today’s vehicles
  • provide every one of our partners with expert battery knowledge and expedited delivery from any of our strategically located warehouses throughout the United States 

Harris Battery continues to evolve with the automotive market as it transitions to new technologies. As the automotive industry has advanced to AGM, Harris Battery has the original equipment technology available to meet your needs.

Our wide range of automotive batteries and accessories can solve the varying demands of daily automotive use.