Aerial Work Platform

Batteries, Chargers and Accessories for Aerial Work Platforms, Scissor Lifts and Mobile Work Platforms

Whether you require battery options for your rental fleet, or emissions-free operations in the most sensitive work environments, we provide the most battery technology options in the industry.

Our goal is to provide you with the right battery solution for:

  • Reduced charging time and longer run times
  • Maintenance-free battery options that comply with indoor environmentally sensitive areas
  • Resulting in the highest productivity and lowest maintenance cost for your equipment.

Aerial work platforms used in aviation and aerospace, construction, warehouse and distribution, municipalities and facilities all demand true deep cycle and traction batteries to reach their top performance. Harris Battery has partnered with major Aerial Work Platform Manufacturers to provide deep cycle battery options and charging maintenance accessories for a wide range of work platform equipment models. Click here to see our Scissor Lift Featured Solution.

We have the expertise and wide product range to provide you the right power and maintenance accessories to extend your battery life, and increase your equipment productivity. Our team of skilled power professionals can support your better asset management for your Aerial Work Platform Equipment.