Tubular Plate Battery Technology

For Renewable, Off-GridCritical Power Configurations and Backup System Applications, Tubular Plate Battery Technology provides the industry's longest life and largest capacity energy storage options.

TOP FIVE Reasons Why TUBULAR PLATE batteries are the best Battery Technology for your hybrid or off-grid solar energy storage project:

  • Longest lasting in Lead Acid category
  • Lowest cost of lifetime kWh of any storage technology
  • Lower first cost than Lithium Ion
  • Low maintenance
  • Many storage size options in both flooded and sealed gel

Battery Energy Storage for Off-grid and Backup power applications can often require the greatest proportion of total system investment. Tubular Plate Battery Technology provides the longest battery life and maximum configuration options available to ensure your lowest total cost of ownership. 

Harris Battery provides Discover Energy Tubular Flooded and maintenance-free Tubular Gel batteries to provide proven performance and reliability in the most demanding renewable, stationary and deep cycle applications. Discover Advanced Tubular batteries feature tubular grids and multi-tube gauntlets that encapsulate the positive plate active material resulting in cyclic stability, longer life and higher capacity than flat plate batteries.

OPzS Tubular Plate Cells & Blocks 

OPzS Flooded Maintainable batteries are characterized by their long life span, durability under cyclic use conditions as well as for their low maintenance requirements, providing you a cost effective energy solution. OPzS batteries are maintainable type batteries, suitable for telecom systems, monitoring and control systems, signaling systems (for railway stations, airports and seaports), UPS, and renewable energy systems. Providing a 20 Year Design Life, and capacities ranging from 100AH to 3000AH.

OPzV Tubular Plate Cells & Blocks

OPzV GEL batteries are sealed type batteries and are mainly used in signaling systems, monitoring and control systems, telecom systems, UPS and renewable energy systems. Valve Regulated OPzV GEL Batteries are characterized by maintenance-free, long service life, and reliable performance in harsh conditions such as high operating temperatures or unstable power networks under cyclic use. Providing an 18 year Design Life, and capacities ranging from 200AH to 3000AH.

OPzS Tubular Harris BatteryOPzV Tubular Harris Battery