Renewable Energy Applications

Off-Grid, Hybrid Solar and Backup Power Solutions For Residential and Commercial Installations.

Harris Battery provides everything you need to efficiently distribute and manage locally generated solar energy, for grid-tie solar with backup power, self-consumption, off-grid solar and utility net metering. Harris Battery Engineered Renewable Systems exclusively utilize Schneider Electric Solar products for the power conversion chain.

With battery capacities up to 4600 amp hours per string and the widest range of lead-acid Flat Plate, Dry Cell Traction and Tubular Plate renewable energy battery technologies, Harris Battery provides the flexibility to engineer a custom renewable energy system for your application.

Battery Based Solar PV SystemSolar Applications

Harris Battery is a proud distributor of Schneider Electric Solar Conext™SWConext XW, Conext, ComBoxMPPT Solar Charge Controllers, and Battery based balance of system products.