Industrial Motive Power Battery and Charger Pack for Pallet Jacks and Materials Handling Equipment

Optimize your electric pallet jack equipment performance, and reduce your operating costs with The TRACTION PACK™ exclusively from Harris Battery. The TRACTION PACK™ combines maximum maintenance-free motive power capacity and intelligent charging technology in a drop-in replacement pack for your Pallet Jack Equipment. 

Extend Your Pallet Jack Battery Cycle Life: The TRACTION PACK™ provides a customizable solution for maximizing your battery capacities to maximize your equipment run times with a wide range of available pack options:

Eliminate Discharged Pallet Jack Batteries: TRACTION PACK™ can utilize convenient opportunity charging at any standard 110 volt power outlet when not in use. With Intelligent charging technology, and opportunity charging capability the TRACTION PACK™ ensures your equipment is always fully charged and ready to work. The built in state-of-charge view window allows for quick assessment of the battery pack state-of-charge while charging, to eliminate undercharged batteries.

Simplify Battery Replacements: TRACTION PACK™ provides easy installation and operation with drop-in replacement packs. With the trusted deep cycle performance of Traction Batteries and Intelligent Charging Technology, you can minimize down time for your pallet jack equipment and achieve longer battery life.

For Your Electric Materials Handling Power Solutions

Harris Battery carries a wide array of stored power solutions for materials handling applications, all of which demand proven battery products to keep operations working. Electric warehousing equipment such as telehandlers, aerial work platforms, electric pallet jacks, forklifts, scissor lifts, stock pickers and other high-performing industrial equipment, provide a clean energy option for your warehousing operations. The TRACTION PACK™ is the optimal maintenance-free solution for Electric Pallet Jack Equipment, and can increase your operational productivity, while significantly reducing your battery maintenance costs.