Harris Battery Mission, Vision and Culture

Harris Battery Mission Statement:

To supply, today and into the future, the most cost-effective, highest capacity, environmentally friendly stored power solutions while exceeding customer expectations in regards to the service and the quality of products supplied. To create a positive environment ensuring the growth potential of our employees while providing a reasonable return to our shareholders.

Harris Battery Vision Statement:

We strive for success by building on our individual strengths and commitment for excellence. We strive for excellence in all that we do through innovative technology, customer satisfaction, and creating long lasting relationships with our co-workers and customers.

The Harris Battery Culture is built on the following 5 principals:


  • HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND RESPECT - Honesty, Integrity, and Respect are key values that lead us today and will continue to guide us into the future. There are no shortcuts with these principles and each employee will conduct themselves based on these values. It is expected that we will do what is right, even when no one is looking.
  • PRIDE AND SPIRIT - Harris Battery associates are the company's heart and soul. Employees should take pride in their work and realize they do make a difference. Our work ethic is unwavering. Each employee strives for excellence in all facets of their work.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Customer service is more than just a relationship between the company and our customers. These relationships must exhibit trust and value to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain ethical business standards. Employees should use sound judgment and allow our key values to guide us in all that we do.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - We are firm, fair, and consistent in all that we do. The contribution of each employee is vital to our success. By taking ownership of our job, we demonstrate our commitment to our customers, our coworkers, and the company. Each of us is accountable for our actions. We are tolerant of mistakes and use these as steps to improvement. We must be prepared to seek solutions while upholding our company standards.
  • TEAMWORK - We are only as good as our team. We collaborate and encourage new ideas from our employees. We work together to reach our goals and drive our organization to greater success. We accept new challenges and see them as stepping-stones to our future rather than obstacles.