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EVGC6A-B 6 Volt EV Traction Dry Cell: Deep Cycle and Dry Cell Batteries

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The Discover® EV Traction dry cell technology is not only sealed and maintenance free, non-hazardous, non-spillable, and non-gassing, but will provide more power with less environmental footprint. This advanced AGM deep cycle technology boasts the highest active material ratio and energy density of any lead acid technology in the marketplace. Not only will this EV Traction dry cell 6 volt battery be ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, but this product will ensure that you don't have to compromise performance, durability and power for environmental impact in the Golf Cart, Industrial, Marine, Floor Scrubber, and Renewable Energy markets. Click "add to quote" to get a quote on wholesale Discover Batteries. Or, call us at 1.800.367.7670 for a customized battery solution.

Brand: Discover
Model #EVGC6A-B
Market(s): Golf Cart, Material Handling, Marine
Type(s): AGM Deep Cycle
AH @ 10HR Rate:185
AH @ 20HR Rate:207
BCI Group Size:GC2
Core Unit:1.5
Length in. (mm):10 1/5" (259 mm)
Width in. (mm):7 1/10" (180 mm)
Total Height in. (mm):10 1/2" (267 mm)
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