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CR-235 6 Volt Golf Series: Deep Cycle Batteries

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Crown deep cycle batteries provide "the power behind performance." Crown has a proud history of putting more into their deep cycle batteries so that customers get more outů.more performance and more productivity with less maintenance. These batteries contain more lead than other conventional batteries, as well as a heavier, state-of-the-art and more durable design. Crown deep cycle 6 volt batteries are ideally suited for the Golf Cart, Industrial, Marine and Floor Scrubber markets. Click "add to quote" to get a quote on wholesale Crown Battery. Or, call us at 1.800.367.7670 for a customized battery solution.
Brand: Crown
Model #CR-235
Market(s): Floor Machine, Golf Cart, Material Handling, Marine
Type(s): Flooded Deep Cycle
AH @ 20HR Rate:235
BCI Group Size:GC2
Core Unit:1.5
Free Replacement (months):18
Pro-Rata (months):18
Reserve Capacity @ 25A:478
Reserve Capacity @ 75A:125
Length in. (mm):10 3/8" (264 mm)
Width in. (mm):7 3/16" (183 mm)
Total Height in. (mm):11 7/16" (291 mm)
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