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CR-155 12 Volt Scrubber Series: Deep Cycle Batteries

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Crown deep cycle batteries provide "the power behind performance." Crown has a proud history of putting more into their deep cycle batteries so that customers get more out´┐Ż.more performance and more productivity with less maintenance. These batteries contain more lead than other conventional batteries, as well as a heavier, state-of-the-art and more durable design. Crown deep cycle 12 volt batteries are ideally suited for the Floor Scrubber market. Click "add to quote" to get a quote on wholesale Crown Battery. Or, call us at 1.800.367.7670 for a customized battery solution.

Brand: Crown
Model #CR-155
Market(s): Floor Machine
Type(s): Flooded Deep Cycle
AH @ 20HR Rate:155
BCI Group Size:920
Core Unit:3
Free Replacement (months):18
Pro-Rata (months):18
Reserve Capacity @ 25A:273
Reserve Capacity @ 75A:68
Length in. (mm):14" (356 mm)
Width in. (mm):6 3/4" (171 mm)
Total Height in. (mm):12 1/2" (318 mm)
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