Residential Renewable Energy

Off Grid, Remote and Stand-Alone Residential Renewable Energy Battery Technologies

Batteries are the energy reservoir in renewable energy power systems, and it is important to choose your size and type of battery carefully. Harris Battery provides a full line of battery technologies designed for maximum return on your investment, and provides the expertise to ensure you get the most life out of your batteries as possible.

Design your off-grid solar system for maximum lifetime

Harris Battery works with Solar Energy Distributors, Renewable Energy System Designers, and Solar and Wind System Installers to ensure that right combination of autonomy requirements and initial investment are met - for the best value. The lifetime of an off-grid solar power system should be somewhere between 5 and 15 years. This wide range depends on your choice of batteries, depth of discharge, and how well your batteries are maintained.

Energy storage system design can be complex and requires planning and experience to ensure the best balance of system. Harris Battery supplies these leading technologies to ensure maximum flexibility in designing your system:

Protect your Investment

With upwards of 80% of the cost of your system for stand-alone or off-grid solar power being invested in your battery bank, using a reputable brand with correct sizing, suitable housing, and appropriate battery management is imperative. Harris Battery recommends Ā DiscoverĀ® Tubular Plate OPzS and OPzV technology for the lowest total cost of ownership, with maximum cycle life available in the Renewable Energy market.