Critical Power Configurations

Mission Critical Backup Power for the Utility, Industrial, Telecom & Rail industries

Minimize outages and maximize safety of electrical distribution with our certified OPzS and OPzV Tubular Plate Batteries and Battery Racks with seismic UBC and ICB certifications, and standard non-seismic options. Battery Racks are available in sizes to fit the entire OPzV and OPzS line of products offered by Harris Battery in 1 or 2 tier, and 1 or 2 step configurations to fit the size restrictions of your installation space. The Critical and Renewable Power Sales Engineering Team at Harris Battery supports leading electrical distribution and design companies with consultation and supply of backup power batteries and battery racks for their electrical distribution and backup solutions.

Maximize facility uptime

If you need batteries immediately for your small projects, or as part of your multi-phase infrastructure upgrade or maintenance replacements, Harris Battery is the USA Discover® Factory Warehouse for OPzV and OPzS cells and blocks, and handles large volume customized configurations for mission critical assurance. For more than 35 years, Harris has supplied multiple industries with DC Management expertise, ensuring safe, reliable battery power and protection. Harris Battery Critical Power battery technologies are used in engineered solutions for multiple industries. These industries all must provide efficient and reliable system designs to reduce unplanned downtime, provide advanced notice of failure and enable protection for people and equipment:  

  • Utility Switch Gear
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Mining, Oil and Gas

Increase productivity with efficient sizes for ease of installation

Whether it's new construction, or modernization of existing facilities and infrastructure, Harris Battery offers more battery technology choices to solve your unique industry challenges. Harris Battery provides the Mission Critical Backup Power market with full service battery technology consultation and procurement, backed with a comprehensive delivery fleet and distribution network.

Sustainable solutions and EPA certified recycling

From short-notice, small infrastructure and emergency projects, to long-term multi-phase replacement contracts, Harris Battery also offers hassle-free recycling services for these Critical Power Battery Technologies:

  • OPzV Tubular Plate Gel cells and blocks
  • OPzS Tubular Plate Flooded cells and blocks
  • VRLA Sealed AGM
  • Flooded Lead Acid

Harris Battery is leading the future of Mission Critical Backup Power with advanced technologies that protect and control the distribution of electricity throughout a facility’s infrastructure.